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On their wedding day, Jenny and Mimi surrounded themselves with their friends and family and said I Do.  They promised themselves to each other forever at Burchfield Penney Art Center in Buffalo, NY .

Many tears were shed, and all in happiness.  Loved ones offered toasts to their lives together then danced the night away under a tent at O'Brien's Sleepy Hollow in East Aurora, NY. 

Jenny and Mimi, I'm honored to have been part of such a memorable day of celebration! My colleague, Michael, and I felt so welcomed.  We appreciated some of your attention on your big day and giving us the flexibility to use our talents to document every moment.  A nineteen member wedding party (including 2 dogs) may have been a challenge from my perspective, but is a testament to how much you are loved!  I wish you a long and joyous marriage! DSC_1522DSC_1522 _MG_6356_MG_6356 DSC_6379DSC_6379 DSC_6373DSC_6373 DSC_6387DSC_6387 _MG_6426_MG_6426 0C5A59250C5A5925 0C5A58460C5A5846 0C5A59180C5A5918 DSC_1656DSC_1656 DSC_1640DSC_1640 _MG_5863-Edit_MG_5863-Edit _MG_5873_MG_5873 _MG_5902_MG_5902 _MG_5917-Edit_MG_5917-Edit _MG_6074_MG_6074 0C5A62050C5A6205 _MG_5814_MG_5814 0C5A62670C5A6267 0C5A62380C5A6238 0C5A63320C5A6332    0C5A63240C5A6324 _MG_5941_MG_5941 DSC_1933DSC_1933 DSC_2004DSC_2004   0C5A63530C5A6353 0C5A64370C5A6437 0C5A6376-Edit0C5A6376-Edit _MG_5961_MG_5961 0C5A63880C5A6388 _MG_5958_MG_5958 _MG_6122_MG_6122 _MG_6096_MG_6096 _MG_6118_MG_6118 0C5A66760C5A6676 0C5A66100C5A6610 0C5A66620C5A6662  . DSC_2285DSC_2285 0C5A67690C5A6769 0C5A67750C5A6775 0C5A67460C5A6746 DSC_2281DSC_2281 _MG_6185_MG_6185 _MG_6262_MG_6262 _MG_6257_MG_6257 _MG_6167_MG_6167 _MG_6246_MG_6246 _MG_6226_MG_6226 _MG_6219_MG_6219 _MG_6342-2_MG_6342-2 DSC_2451DSC_2451 DSC_2545DSC_2545 DSC_2799DSC_2799 0C5A7241-Edit0C5A7241-Edit DSC_2723DSC_2723 DSC_2727DSC_2727 DSC_2839DSC_2839 DSC_2609DSC_2609 0C5A70130C5A7013 0C5A70050C5A7005 _MG_6796 2_MG_6796 2 0C5A74010C5A7401 DSC_2836-EditDSC_2836-Edit 0C5A75720C5A7572 _MG_6999_MG_6999 _MG_6985_MG_6985


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