Love is in bloom! Maria and Alex's engagement shoot in Delaware Park, Buffalo, NY

May 04, 2015  •  4 Comments

What a beautiful day yearly in May, especially considering our long white winter! i started breakfast on the back deck, followed by a Buffalo Bisons game.My First time at Buffalo Bisons Coca-Cola Field, great venue! " buy me some peanut and cracker jack ..." and yes, cotton candy for the girls and cold beverage for my husband and me.

In the Late afternoon, I headed back into down town buffalo to Japanese Garden, where to Cherry blossoms have just started to open. A perfect location to meet Maria and Alex from Washington D.C. for their engagement shoot. I'd spoken with them over the phone and email,but today we met face to face for the first time.They are such a lovely couple and as you'll see very natural and relaxed in front of camera.

Maria is a buffalo native and Alex from Atlanta. they will have their reception at a place near and dear to my heart , at Brierwood Country Club : where i was married 


Can't wait to capture your big day! 




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Carol Wrzosek(non-registered)
The photos are gorgeous! I love all of them. Thank you Zula, for these beautiful photos of my daughter and her fiancé!
Carol Wrzosek (Maria's mom)(non-registered)
The photos are gorgeous! I love all of them. Thank you Zula!
Maria Wrzosek(non-registered)
Thank you for this beautiful collection. We had such a blast!
gaynel sonner(non-registered)
oh so lovely, God granted you grace and talent.
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