Buffalo Senior portraits Photographers / Prom Mini Session By Zula Sonner Photography

June 05, 2015  •  4 Comments

Tonight is prom night!  We're so proud of our Frontier High School graduate, Halle from the class of 2015.  Have fun tonight seniors, but please be safe!


Yesterday, Halle and I went to Albright–Knox Art Gallery Buffalo, NY for a mini session of Halle in her prom dress.  She chose this two piece dress from Sherri Hill.  This vibrant hue of red looks fabulous on her.  Please enjoy these images..


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Beth Sawicki (Nates mom)(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl. Thanks for taking all the pictures of the kids!
Mel Webster(non-registered)
Beautiful young lady and pictures.
grandma sonner(non-registered)
So precious, love you
Estoi xoorxon saixan ach oxintoi youm bna aa!!!
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