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It was Fredonia, NY's remake of Monsoon Wedding!  Yes, it rained... and rained.  On June 27th, I shot my 4th rainy wedding of the season and Sid and Mira were married at her parents beautiful home!  I love the style, colors, and excitement of Indian weddings!

Mira looked amazing in the reds and golds of her lehenga!  I love how her bengles and henna on her palms framed the image of the wedding bands!

Sid contrasted with western style and was so cool and classic in his black tuxedo!  His smile captures his gentle and warm personality.  His handsome entourage from the University of Buffalo were a great bunch of guys and so fun to shoot!

We did manage to sneak some shots out from under the tent and this couple was a so easy to make look great!  The brilliant green backdrop added even more contrast and shows how much rainfall we've gotten in Western NY this summer.

Mira's father then came to the rescue and relocated the reception from the soggy grass to the Clarion Hotel Marina and Conference Center where we got some great shots at the waterfront.  We also commandeered a bicycle from a spectator passing by for some very fun images!  Wishing these wonderful newlyweds long and happy lives together!


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