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February 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Last fall, I had such a wonderful time working with Taryn to capture her senior portraits.  Not only is she an accomplished dancer, she is so fun and enthusiastic.   I was amazed at her flexibility and POWER as she leaped into the sky at the Albright-Knox Gallery!  At the Buffalo Botanical Gardens she was so expressive in front of the camera, showing moods of silliness, intrigue, cuteness, sassiness, and sophistication as well as simple, natural beauty.  Too many to choose from, but here are some of the shots that I loved that didn't go to print...  Thank you so much Taryn and good luck with the rest of your senior year, college, and in whatever you do! _80A1842-Edit_80A1842-Edit _80A1847_80A1847 _80A1853_80A1853 _80A1870_80A1870 _80A1875_80A1875 _80A1883_80A1883 _80A1756_80A1756 _80A1783-Edit_80A1783-Edit _80A1962_80A1962 _80A1968-Edit_80A1968-Edit _80A1985_80A1985 _80A1994-Edit_80A1994-Edit _80A2001-Edit_80A2001-Edit _80A2038-Edit_80A2038-Edit _80A2072_80A2072 _80A2121-Edit_80A2121-Edit _80A2096-Edit_80A2096-Edit _80A2124-Edit_80A2124-Edit _80A2147-Edit_80A2147-Edit _80A2202_80A2202 _80A2211-Edit_80A2211-Edit _80A2217-Edit_80A2217-Edit _80A2254-Edit_80A2254-Edit _80A2258_80A2258 _80A2261-Edit_80A2261-Edit _80A2275_80A2275 _80A2281_80A2281 _80A2304-Edit_80A2304-Edit _80A2330-Edit_80A2330-Edit _80A2348-Edit_80A2348-Edit _80A2522_80A2522 _80A2369-Edit_80A2369-Edit 2016-02-12_00032016-02-12_0003 _80A2402-Edit_80A2402-Edit _80A2408-Edit_80A2408-Edit _80A2417-Edit_80A2417-Edit _80A2418_80A2418 _80A2425_80A2425 _80A2506_80A2506 _80A2430-Edit_80A2430-Edit _80A2458-Edit_80A2458-Edit _80A2466-Edit_80A2466-Edit _80A2468-Edit_80A2468-Edit _80A2478-Edit_80A2478-Edit _80A2499-Edit_80A2499-Edit _80A2292-Edit_80A2292-Edit


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