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Thea and Joe

June 18, 2016

Hotel at Lafayette

Buffalo, NY

I am fortunate that my dear friend Cat referred her dear friend (also from Michigan, now living in Buffalo) Thea to me for her wedding photographs.  At our first meeting Thea, Joe, and I hit it off instantly and since we have bumped into each other on several occasions.  It was great to get to know them and her personality before shooting their wedding.

I face-timed with Thea and Joe several days before their big day and told her how important it was to have the whole bridal party ready (and clutter in the hotel room out of the way) before the bride started to get ready.  The result...  I captured some fantastic images of Thea and her bridesmaids and family prior to taking Thea for the first look.  The rest of the day was a photographer's dream as well.  Though she had a large wedding party, everyone followed my lead very quickly and efficiently.

To the front of the hotel for the first look!  Thea looked amazing!  and her loveliness brought Joe to tears (for the first of many times of the day).  While in front of the hotel, we recreated the scene from their engagement session nearly a year ago, when Thea's dress blew up standing over the vent grate Marilyn Monroe style!  In fact the groomsmen get into the action.  They looked so stylish and handsome in their modern grey suits and brown shoes / belts!

Thea and Joe love the Queen City of Buffalo, NY and wanted to have some shots taken with the skyline in the background.  So, we went to the rooftop of the Fairmont Hotel where we got some amazing (and fun!) images.  The sky was very clear and the white rooftop reflected the sunlight so strongly that no-one could keep their eyes open.  I instructed the party to keep their eyes closed until I said "1-2-3 OPEN!".  The party got a kick out of this, but the results were great and another example of how cooperative they were.

After taking some shots at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, we were off to the magnificent St Louis Church on East Edwards Street, Buffalo.  Thea's mother walked her down the isle as, unfortunately, her father was not well.  He was waiting for her at the alter and was able to give her away to the groom, a very emotional moment with not a dry eye in the congregation.  The ceremony was unforgettable.


Not long after arriving at the ceremony, Thea was ready to have some fun and announced "I'm done with pictures!"  Everyone cut loose and had a blast, especially Joe's brother who busted out his best break-dance moves!

I'm happy to have developed a friendship with Thea and Joe and I wish them all the best in their lives together!




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