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Kelsey's Beautiful Portraits by Zula Sonner Photography

June 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Though I've dabbled in other areas of photography over the past few years, my primary focus has been on developing my skills shooting weddings and senior portraits.  Lately, I've received quite a bit of positive feedback on my abilities posing my subjects.  To capitalize on this aspect of my work and make more use of my home studio, I'm adding a new line of services to my portfolio; ZS Couture Portraits.

Working with an individuals, women and men of all ages and types is very rewarding for me.  I'm able to learn about my subjects and capture their personalities in my art, much like I'm able to do with my high school seniors, but with the added complexities of their deeper life experiences.  As I make my models comfortable with me, the setting, and themselves, their confidence grows and their personalities radiate.  Sometimes my subjects are even surprised with the emotions I'm able to capture; they didn't know they had it in them!  ;)

So, in exploring this specialization, I was fortunate to shoot Kelsey.  Not only is she an extremely talented makeup artist, she is also a successful small business owner and strong, wonderful mother!  I'm amazed at how different each shot turned out. She almost looks like a different person in some images; from classic beauty to mysterious and sexy, from focused to whimsical, from girlish to motherly!  You can also see Kelsey's expertise in her trade with her own makeup application which made my editing work so much easier.

Was your last professional session your senior high school or college portrait?  Why not celebrate your beautiful self and your accomplishments and allow yourself a few moments of self-indulgence with a sitting with me?  You, your family, and your friends and colleagues will cherish these Portrait  forever.


                                                                                  love,  Zula 





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